About H.O.P.E.
Our Business

The name Handfuls On Purpose comes from the Bible in the book of
Ruth.  It is from the story of the land owner who ordered the workers in
his fields to drop handfuls of wheat on purpose for Naomi to pick up to
feed her family.  This generous act is the foundation of the ideals of the
founders of the HOPE Rescue Center.

The idea of giving for the welfare of animals for no other reason than to
promote animal awareness is the sole basis for Handfuls On Purpose.

Since the doors of the Rescue Center opened in 2008, we have taken in
many animals of all types in both good and bad situations.  We have
been able to find homes for companion animals that we thought no one
could ever love but us.  

These experiences have given HOPE further confirmation that this is an
endeavor that should be carried on
    Not an “UNTIL” dog
    I am not an…
       …”until you get bored” dog
…”until you find a boy or girlfriend” dog
…”until I get old” dog
…”until you have to move” dog
…”until you have a baby” dog
…”until you get a new puppy” dog

    If you cannot promise forever,
    I am not your dog
    It’s that simple!
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